• Capital Advisory Services With JCF Capital Markets

  • Posted on March 22, 2017
  • Retaining JCF Capital Advisors (now JCF Capital Markets) to work on private funding issues is just the first step for a new and emerging middle-market venture that has ambition for bigger things. When they retain JCF Capital Markets, they are then able to gain access to their massive network of investment capital.

    JCF Capital Markets is a firm which specializes in management consulting, capital advisory, and mergers and acquisitions, based out of Carlsbad California. The privately held company has helped entrepreneurs at start-up and middle-market companies to face the competitive and timing pressures that come with building new ventures and raising private capital at a time when funding is uncertain and risky. By facing this issue head on, clients can minimize their risk and gain access to a body of knowledge at JCF Capital Markets that is based upon capital markets experience and success.

    The accredited investor reach that JCF Capital Markets can claim access to includes 750 family offices, over 900 angel capital groups, over 4,3000 venture capital and private equity firms, and 20,000 angel investors. The advisory services offered by JCF Capital Markets, combined with the investor network clients gain access to, increases the likelihood of finding the ideal funding solution. This is why clients choose to engage JCF Capital Markets when they have a need for private funding and do not want to face the challenge themselves.

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